PITBULL Picks His Favorite Spots in Miami

Pitbull Rapper

Born & raised in Miami, Pitbull knows it all about the city. He shared with us some insights about himself and the city he loves. Check it out: 

A.K.A = Armando Christian Pérez

Why PitBull: “Because Pitbulls bite to lock. The dog is too stupid to lose. And they’re outlawed in Dade County. They’re basically everything that I am. It’s been a constant fight.”

Neighborhood: Little Havana

Early Words: The poems of the Cuban poet and independence leader José Martí

Pitbull recites from age of 3.

Graduated from:  Miami Coral Park High School

Source of Inspiration: Celia Cruz and Willy Chirino

Sophomore album:  “El Mariel”  dedicated his to his father, who died that year in May. 

Community Service:  Co-founder of the charter school Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM) for at-risk kids.

Local Investment: He purchased an equity stake in the Miami Subs Pizza.

Record Label: Co-founder of Bad Boy Latinos with Sean Combs/P.Diddy

Key Factor: The city of Miami honored him with a ‘Key to the City’ in 2009.

For Locals:  “Cuatro Caminhos is just a little cafeteria that makes a great steak sandwiches. Real Cheap”

The Beach: “Cradon Park Beach is the best beach in Miami. Is more low key than South Beach and the water is cleaner. There is a lot of sandbars, so you can swim out pretty far and still be in swallow waters”.

Cool Spot: “The Flea Market U.S.A is the best place to pick up mix tapes and find out about new artists”.

To Take a Date: “Baleen got good food, great view of the ocean and it´s real sexy”.

Cuban Spices: “La Carreta is the best Cuban Food in Miami. Really affordable, too.”

Cool Quote: “If you continue to work hard, let that be the fuel to your fire.”

Compilation by: Claudia Repsold



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  1. good article,it is cool to know where the locals are going in Miami, instead of ending up in tourist trap in SOBE ….

  2. I’m down with Pitbul on the Flea Market. I love that place. It’s a bit ghetto. Its in a bad neighborhood but its an experience to go there. I get my Gold Grills and my conch fritters there !! If urban clothing and hip hop wear are your style then its great.

  3. Before you go to La Careta, please be mindful of the crowd and plan to get there on time. They do not take reservations, therefore it helps to hang around there and get in. The food is so delicious that it is totally worth the wait. We ordered a lot of food but just could not stop eating. It was delicious. I would highly recommend this place.

  4. La Carreta is my favorite place to eat in Miami, hands down. The Cafe Con Leche is seriously to die for. I came here with my family while on a trip here, and my son fell in love with everything Cuban. For the rest of the trip he wanted to eat Cuban food. La Carrera is definitely the way to go. .

  5. Jaison Redclifeld · Edit

    Pitbull is the best ambassador for Miami. They guy used the called Mr.305 and nowsday he is Mr. Worldwide.

  6. My favorite place to hang out on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Miami is Crandon Park. It is absolutely a must seen if you’re visiting the city. The beach is clean and not overloaded. Plus they have a large playground for the kids, and different BBQ areas.

  7. Cuatro Caminhos cafeteria is awesome. It is the best hole-in-the-wall (literally) in Miami. They call this place “La Cafeteria”, and they have some of THE BEST Cuban pastelitos I’ve ever tasted. We tried some of their guava and cheese, and they were hhmm hmmm delicious. Don’t expect fanciness or anything of the sort. Come enjoy some original food, and some good company. Don’t be shy, these people have some of the best stories you’ll hear in this part of town

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