An intimate conversation with Gisele Bundchen at Her Estate in New England


The Brazilian Supermodel invites us into her home in Chanel´s Short Film  

Last time we saw the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen on Chanel Ad she was catching waves in a tasteful black and white wetsuit and a logo-ed Chanel surfboard. Now Chanel’s enlisted the supermodel, who reportedly retired from the catwalk, for a more low-key video on the brand’s YouTube page.

The video is titled “An intimate conversation with Gisele Bundchen about nature” and the conversation occurs while Gisele is wandering around the Bündchen-Brady estate in New England barefoot wearing only a cozy-looking blanket.

She also does yoga, sings, strums on a guitar, and advocates for meditation in the chilled-out videos. There’s little branding, and instead plenty of shots of Gisele and fall foliage. She talks in one video about her favorite fragrance memories, without mentioning Chanel N°5, which she reps.

Instead, here are Gisele’s contemplations on nature: “As long as I’m in nature, I feel in my element,” she said. “I love the smell of nature. For example, after it rains, and the smell of the earth, that’s my favorite smell. It just smells like wet earth and everything is so alive. It smells familiar, it kind of brings a peace.”

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