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eMerge Americas: Stepping into the Future

By: Claudia Repsold

For the first time in history on May 4th, the NASDAQ stock market closing bell was rung remotely — from Florida. This is the sign and the sound that Florida is becoming a major player in the American technology industry. As the organizers of eMerge Americas, Miami’s recent five-day tech conference, said: It’s not just an event. It’s an ongoing movement that intends to transform Miami into the tech hub of the Americas.

Ironically, the founder of eMerge Americas, Manny Medina, joked that he never got to ring the NASDAQ bell while he was running the public company Terremark Worldwide (sold to Verizon). However, this year, he didn’t just ring the bell — he brought the energizing vibes of technology to South Florida. Joining him in closing the NASDAQ was Miami rapper, Pitbull – himself a tech enthusiast – who advises everyone to turn the impossible into an opportunity.

The numbers generated by the event speak for themselves, with more than 10,000 attendees from 50 different countries and 500 companies participating. This year, it’s expected that eMerge Americas will create 271 tech jobs and will generate $29 million in revenue for South Florida.

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Everyone complains that Silicon Valley is an exclusive club of buddies who attended the same universities and participated in the same internship programs, and if you did not follow that path, it will be hard to get a foot in the door. However, Miami is much more democratic. As Medina declared, “Whether you are from eastern Europe or Brazil, you are very welcome. Silicon Valley is much more difficult.” How fast is Miami moving to become the Silicon Valley of the Eastern coast? “We are progressing at a dizzying speed,” Medina said.

Will the eMerge Americas conference do for the technology market what Art Basel has done for culture in south Florida? Medina answered with confidence. “I’ve always felt this event will be much bigger and impactful to our community,” he said. “What this does affects everyone — individual, corporations, and government.”

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Brazil & U.S. Biz covered every aspect of the event. Coming soon: exclusive interviews with the people who are making the future happen right now. I guarantee they will awe you with their ideas, and may make you rethink your entire business strategy.

I will leave you with the one word of advice, which all the speakers seemed to have on the tips of their tongues, for those who want to succeed: Hustle.

Read the Full Interview with Carlos Gimenez, Miami/Dade Mayor

Coming Soon Interviews:

Daan Roosegaarde – Founder of Roosegaarde Studio

Bobby Patrick – Chief Cloud Marketing Officer of HP

Ed Toro – Founder of Wyncode

Ricardo Santos – Director of Education & Public Sector, Cisco Brazil

Franscico Jardim – Co-founder of SP Venture

Round table with : Romero Rodrigues (Busca-pé), Fred Gelli (Tatil Design), Lorenço Bustani (Mandalah), Anderson Thees (Redpoint e-ventures), Pedro Peracio (Chief Digital Officer of Rio City Hall) and Bruno Henrique ( Rio City Hall Marketing Director)

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eMerge Americas with Manny Medina & PitBull Ringing NASDAQ Closing Bell

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  1. I don’t even know the way I stopped up here. Miami is already the Tech HUB of LATAM. The city have many start ups from all the countries in Latin America. You can have a tech taste of whats happening at Brickell.

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  3. Como posso obter mais informações de como abrir uma filial da nossa empresa em Miami. Nós já exportamos para lá, agora queremos abrir um pequeno showroom. Como podemos obter mais informações sobre isso? Agradeço a atenção.

  4. I have debating with my partner about bringing our company to Miami. Every time I came here, the city looks better. How the Beacon Council helps the company that want to relocate to Miami?

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  11. Great article , #emergfe15 was a great event, Miami is really becaming the next Silicon Valley, Looking foward for those interviews

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