Didi Marchi: Bringing the Brazilian Art to the Heart of Little Havana

didi marchi

By: Claudia Repsold

Photos: Courtesy of Didi Marchi

You can find the best surprises in the most unexpected places. As you stroll down the Calle Ocho in Little Havana, you surely expect to find the full flavor of the Cuban culture, but what may surprises you is that the enclave is the home of one the most vibrant Brazilian  art galleries in the US. The Duo Art Gallery founded by the artist Didi Marchi, a celebrated presence in Florida’s art scene, brings the Brazilian’s beat to the heart of the Cuban community in Miami.

Marchi is an intuitive artist that started to work 25 years ago when her husband Armando Marchi was transferred from Brazil to Michigan. Suddenly, the couple’s landscape went from a sunny tropical city to a bone-chilling weather. Marchi, at that time, was an established psychologist in Brazil but relocating to Michigan triggered the urge to reinvent her surroundings by painting alternative “horizons”, as she named that phase.  “Creating those colorful paintings was one way to “survive”, recall the artist.

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Personally, I believe art is constant effort to create a different order of reality, and Didi Marchi orchestrates that exquisitely. Her work overflows life through strokes of integrated colors and mixed textures. “Every canvas is a journey in and of itself.  A canvas may be shaped by altering its outline, losing its flatness and assuming a three dimensional surface. The spontaneity of colors and the random quality of staining are the most important elements of my abstract expressionist paintings”, reveals Marchi.

Marchi have been a constant force driving awareness and engagement to Brazilian art in Florida. Under Marchi direction, Duo Gallery hosts well curated art exhibitions that is attracting attention in the Miami’s art circuit.

The current exhibition is “Brazil Generations: 50 Years of Art”, which presents the art work from Brazilian influencers of the Contemporary Art, dating from the 1950s up to nowadays.  The renowned artistic scope is formed by: Caciporé Torres, Carlos Zibel, Claudio Tozzi, Gilberto Salvador, Neno Ramos , Ivald Granato and Rubens Gerchman. “The project meets the essence of Duo Art Gallery, which is to bring prestigious Brazilian artists into the Miami market, nowadays considered one of the main showcases of the world art” points out Marchi.

Indeed the Art Basel has transformed Miami into the hottest art hub in the country bringing in the world’s top collectors to the Magic city. Marchi works stand out at Miami Art Week, her contemporary pieces drawn attention at Pinta fair, as well as at Scope with Galerie Bresil. Marchi talks fluidly about her work; “Although the painting is abstract in form, the title suggests that it represents something. Inspiration from nature, the unconscious risks and adventure play a very important role in my art”, illustrates the artist.

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Brazil & U.S Biz editor’s Claudia Repsold & Didi Marchi

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When I met Marchi for the first time, she was a guest artist at Home & Design Show in Miami. As all good things in life come in a small package, Marchi is a petit lady with a larger than life energy. Her golden honey brown eyes light up as she talks about her art and Armando, her husband of decades. “When you find the right partner in life, you can create anything”. The couple’s long lasting partnership, hence the name of their art gallery; Duo.  Marchi horizons keep expanding while she dips her brush in her soul to create contemporary pieces that translates her own nature.

Claudia Repsold


Claudia Repsold is editor-in-chief of Brazil & US BIZ. She is an award-winning Brazilian journalist with twenty years of experience in International News. She is a passionate storyteller who loves traveling, hiking and learn about natural healing

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