No Reservation with Anthony Bourdain in Rio de Janeiro

Check out all the places Anthony Bourdain visited on his four-day stay in Rio.

Bourdain drank on the beach, Jiu-Jitsu´s rolled with the Gracie family, took the favela tour and soaked up the nightlife in Copacabana.

Like any visitor, he fell in love with the city. “What sick freak wouldn’t come to Rio given the opportunity?” asked Bourdain. “Lets call it what it is: perfection. You have to have some serious problems to not like Rio.”

Check out Bourdain’s culinary journey in Rio. He only wished that he could enjoy his time more in this Brazilian paradise as he awaits his wife practice Jiu Jitsu with the legendary Gracies.

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– Kapacidade Institute

In 2007, Kyra Gracie started Kapacidade Institute, a gym and education center for young favela dwellers.

  • Estrada Vereador Alceu de Carvalho – Rio de Janeiro

– Rocinha Favela

Rocinha local, Paulo Amendoim, took Tony on a tour the Favela.

  • Rocinha Favela – Rio de Janeiro,


Casa Beleza

A beautiful Bed & Breakfast found in the heart of the Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.

  • R. Laurinda Santos Lobo, 311 –  Rio de Janeiro – Phone: 55 21 2224 7403


Galeto Sat’s

Tony and local chef/restaurant owner, Danni Camillo eat at Galeto Sat’s in Copacabana.

  • Rua Barata Riberio 7 – Rio de Janeiro – Phone: 55 21 2275 6195

Bar Urca

Local chef/restaurant owner, Danni Camillo, took Tony to Bar Urca, a restaurant right on the water in Urca. Like most patrons, Tony and Danni ordered beer and seafood snacks and ate along the seawall next to the restaurant.

  • Rua Cândido Gaffrée 205 Urca – Rio de Janeiro – Phone: 55 21 2295 8744

– Cadeg Market- Adega Cesari

Tony and his wife enjoyed lunch at Adega Cesari, a Churrascaria located at the Cadeg Market. Ottavia has been on a strict training diet, so the all-meat, no-carb menu was quite inviting.

  • Rua Capitão Felix 110 Benfica – Rio de Janeiro

– Barraca Do Uruguay

Tony wandered to Barraca Do Uruguay, located on Ipanema Beach. This was actually the same vendor he went to 10 years before on A Cook’s Tour! Here, Tony got a delicious sandwich and several caipirinhas.

  • Posto 9, Praia de Ipanema (# 80) Rio de Janeiro

– Mirante Da Prainha

Come for the seafood, and stay for the view at Mirante da Prainha. Tony met up with local, Dolores, at this seaside restaurant that is nestled into the underdeveloped, secluded beach.

  • Av. Estado da Guanabara 689 Rio de Janeiro

– Padaria e Confeitaria Ipanema (Juice Bar)

Tony met up with Cristiano Nogueira, a local writer, to see how the beach bums in Rio start their day… which a juice.

  • Rua Visconde de Piraja 325 – Rio de Janeiro – Phone: 55 21 2522 6900

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  1. I was about to travel to Rio, but the zyca virus scare me away although I would love to check those place referred by Bourdain. He was go to where the locals are instead of the tourist traps.

  2. Is is save to walk on Claudio Coutinho trail at the sun rise? I will stay in Copacabana beach, which bus should I take to get there? Thanks

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