20 Key Facts you should Know about Brazil’s Economy

Brazil's Economy

By: Claudia Repsold

In the last decade Brazil has become the eighth largest economy in the world. One in every three Latin Americans is Brazilian. Brazil has the fifth largest workforce and one of the largest consumer markets in the globe. I’ve put together some key factor for you to better understand the strength of the Brazilian economy.

1 – Brazil has the 8th. largest GDP in the world.

2 – Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America, contributing 38.5% to the region´s GDP.

3 – The Brazilian economy is almost twice as large as the region next largest economy, Mexico.

4 – The GDP of the State of São Paulo alone is bigger than Argentina’s, Chile’s, Uruguay’s, Bolivia’s and Paraguay’s GDP combined.

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5 – Brazil has the 5th. largest population in the world. Almost , One in every three Latin Americans is Brazilian

6 – Brazil is the 5th. country in the world with the most unequal distributions of income. The richest 1% of the population get 47.8% of the income, while the poorest 10% get only 12% of the income.

7- According to research firm Wealth-X, which releases an annual Billionaire Census,  Brazil ranked as having the 9th largest number of billionaires in the world. The country has 59 billionaires that held the total wealth of $ 186 Billion.

8 – Brazil has the 5th. largest workforce in the world . 109 million people

9 – Brazil is the 8th. largest consumer’s markets in the world.

The Brazilian consumers represent 2.38 percent of the world consumer market.

10 – Brazil is the 23rd largest export economy in the world and the 32nd most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index

11 – Brazil has been the world’s largest exporter of coffee for more than 150 years.  The country is also the second largest coffee-consuming nation. The Brazilian coffee sector employs over five million people and contributes 40% of the world’s total coffee supply.

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12 – Brazil is the world’s biggest producer and exporter of oranges, producing about 1/3 of the world’s production. It accounts for roughly one in every two glasses of orange juice consumed in the world today

13 – Brazil is the largest world producer and exporter of sugarcane, outperforming its next 6 closest competitors combined.

14 – Brazil has the world’s largest commercial cattle herd of around 200 million head, and is the largest exporter of beef.

15 – Brazil is the world’s largest producer of tobacco.

16 -Brazil is the second largest producer of soybeans worldwide, the country accounts for 30 percent of the global production of the crop. Brazil is also the world’s third largest producer of corn.

17 – Brazil has around one-third of the world’s reserves of iron ore, as well as large deposits of bauxite, coal, zinc, gold, and tin.

18 – Brazil produced more than 90% of the world’s supply of Niobium, an chemical element mostly used in alloys.

19- Brazil is already the eleventh-largest oil producer in the world at approximately 2.7 million barrels per day, the country is also the world’s seventh-largest consumer of oil.

20- Brazil has more than 4,000 airports—more than any other country – other than the United States.

Claudia Repsold

Claudia Repsold is editor-in-chief of Brazil & US BIZ. She is an award-winning Brazilian journalist with twenty years of experience in International News. She is a passionate storyteller who loves traveling, hiking and learn about natural healing.


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